Gift Brought Back From A Trip

A.k.a oleh-oleh.

On my office, we have this habit, bring some oleh-oleh from the city which is our destination on vacation or business trip. Whether the oleh-oleh is food or souvenir.

Usually we bring our oleh-oleh to office on our first day after holiday. And when that time comes, you’ll think that you see a lot of abandoned orphans which don’t have anything to eat for months or never have any souvenir before. If the oleh-oleh is food, my friends and I have to eat as fast as possible so we can eat (not taste) as much as we can. The race will change the tasted-time after our stomach start to full. Hahahaha..

The last time that beautiful event happened is on January 5, 2009 at CS Meeting Room. Our first day on office. We had holiday for a week. Most of my friends and I go on vacation, whether to our hometown or just visit to other city. When the oleh-oleh is served, mannnnn…what a chaos.. I wish I took some pictures of that time so you can see what does it look like if 52 adults are battling for food.. Hahahahhaha…😀

Me? I brought Ting Ting Gepuk, Kerupuk Ikan Bulat, Sale Pisang Keju, Yangko Kacang and Kembang Gula Asam. All from Jogja. Yummy…😀

2 thoughts on “Gift Brought Back From A Trip

  1. wkwkwkwkwkwkwk…..kapan2 kita rekam aja mbak ti….biar jadi kenangan (*tapi yang ngrekam jadi ga dapet makanan ya??)

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