My Year 2009’s Resolutions

It’s been almost2 months (I think), since my last post on my blog. I’ve been very lazy to write something new and it caused of my bustle. Yup, me, busy. Hehehehhe…

Before I wrote something useful (I mean useless) on this blog, I want to say Happy New Year 2009. I Wish all of us could reach our lifetime aspiration (The Sims 2 mode : ON) and become a much more better person from last year.

There’re so many things I regret on year 2008. I often think, “Oh my God! I shouldn’t do that” or “Stupid Me! I should never say that!” or “Why? Why? Why didn’t I try harder??” or something like that…and after that feeling blue a whole day or a couple days or even a few minutes..πŸ˜€

Well, it’s time to do something better. So, my resolutions for year 2009 are:

  1. Be a more pious person.
  2. To be able think by logic, not only by feelings.
  3. Get a certainty of my lovelife about the future.
  4. Decrease my weight at least 7 kilos or give it to Dindun (she said to me that she want it. Please deh, din.. How could I move my fat to your body??).
  5. More exercise, not just once a month (no wonder now I’m fat).
  6. Do diet. I hate it. But I must do it. Hikss.. I love food… T.T
  7. Increase my savings.
  8. Develop my English skill.
  9. Know something about Linux.
  10. Play The Sims 3. For this, I don’t think my lapitop specifications are strong enough. T.T
  11. Be a more sensitive person.

I hope, next year, I can say that I all ready reach all of it. Hope the same for you tooπŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “My Year 2009’s Resolutions

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