A Training Or A Torture?

Right now on my departement, there’s a training about a new system that will implemented for year 2010 development. The system is for development documents.

The subject is verrryyy important to us. We really need to understand about whole things on the system. But, the training itself, OH MY GOD, it’s boring!! I try soooooo hard not to close my eyes.. Is this a training or a torture???? From 9 am to 4 pm??? And for a week?? Ughhh…. This is too much for me. T_T

Well, I know I’m not supposed to whinning like this. And it’s not his (the trainer) fault. But, if you have to attend this training, you’ll agree with me. But since yesterday, the training is better. Coz, my boss invited Mbak Sri, our beautiful translator. Hufff.. Now i start to understand what the training is all about. Although I still feel sleepy. -_-

Whether this is a Training or a Torture, I have to understand this new system. Ganbatteeee!!!

5 thoughts on “A Training Or A Torture?

  1. tapi mendingan banget lip sejak ada mbak sri. jadi lebih nggak ngantuk karena ngerti😀

    aku bilagn lebih nggak ngantuk ya. bukan nggak ngantuk.

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