Disclosure Of Invention: Turbo Speed On Water Dispenser


1. Title Of Invention

Turbo Speed on Water Dispenser.

2. Existing Technology

2.1 Description

Water Dispenser is an electric appliance that dispenses water at about 94 °C (near boiling). There are hot-only and hot and cool water models, and the water may be filtered as well as heated.

2.2 Drawbacks Of Existing Technology

Today’s Water Dispenser features don’t have Turbo Speed on it. It takes time if users want fill their water jug.

In some department (read: R&D Software) the tea room is too far away from their desk. So, many people on that department decide to buy a large water jug (> 1L). When it’s the time to fill the jug, there will be long queue on the tea room (morning and break time). Not to mention complaints from other’s department like “Ih ni SW pada bawa galon deh..”.

If every water dispenser has turbo speed, the filling process will be faster and those kind of things (complaints, uncomfortable feeling when people see your water jug and they have expression like, “Ih lama banget deh nih giliran gw…”, etc) can be reduced.

3. Improved/Proposed Technology

3.1 Description

Caused by all of the reasons above, add Turbo Speed on Water Dispenser is a marvelous-magnificent-brilliant idea.

To activate the Turbo Speed, users only need to press the Turbo Speed button. The filling speed will twice faster than normal. Press again the Turbo Speed button to deactivate it.

Why there’s have to be a button to activate and deactivate the turbo speed? Instead to add a button, why not just replace the current speed? Add a button is the same as add the production cost.

Using turbo speed means during filling process the water jug will become heavier. It caused by the pressure of turbo speed when it’s activated. It might be a problem for the senior’s. You know, the senior’s might lose their power as an effect of their age. So, it’s for the senior’s convenience.

3.2 Merits Of This Invention

  1. Users fill their mini water storage faster.
  2. Users could be more effective during working hour.
  3. There’ll be no queue on tea room.

3.3 Drawings/Flowchart


–The End–

4 thoughts on “Disclosure Of Invention: Turbo Speed On Water Dispenser

    • hah? seriously? waw….

      to be honest, i wrote this post just for fun. i’m sorry but i can’t provide u the details ’cause it’s only an idea. i never thought any details about the invention.😀

      but, if this post can help you, well, good to hear that. good luck with the assignment ^^

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