Things She Learned From Dramaland

Akhir-akhir ini diriku keranjingan korean drama :p. And diriku nemu satu web, Dramabeans, yang menyajikan spoiler synopsis ato hal lainnya yang berhubungan dengan korean drama.

Nah, ada nih posting Dramabeans yang lucu, judule Santa presents: The Things I Learned From Dramaland. Kocak banget. Saking kocaknya sampe pengen aku quote disini. Yah yang tau drama yang bersangkutan, mari kita tertawa terbahak-bahak bersama.

Beberapa drama yang ditulis:

Jeon Woo-chi: Friends and lovers will always betray you. Stab them in the back first.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Family’s a bitch. Get a new one.

Answer Me 1994: Choosing is hard. Polygamy is easy.

Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love: Okay, so sometimes polygamy is not so awesome.

Heirs: If you don’t get what you want, cry about it until you do.

I Hear Your Voice: Hearing other people’s whiny problems is the worst superpower I’ve ever heard of. Here, have a drink.

Gu Family Book: Then again, if you DO have superpowers but are just too dumb to use them, well then that’s your loss.

Two Weeks: If you wake up in a pool of blood, make sure it’s not yours, then run.

Shark: If you’re going to commit murder, definitely get a new face first.

Master’s Sun: There’s a ghost behind you telling you to give me all your money, I swear. If you don’t, you’ll die. Really.

Yang paling kocak yang Heirs. Wakakakakakka… Lesson macam apa ituuuu =))

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